Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Quite interesting ASP.NET utilization

Hi,I just want to present you quite interesting approach of ASP.NET utilization.

This approach shows how to render html files using ASP.NET pages and server controls. For instance, we have some amount of read-only data which we want to present to the user with high level of user interactivity and ability to print. Let's consider html documents and embedded browser as ActiveX control. Here we already have pretty good printing capability and also we can provide users with rich interactivity using JavaScript. If we could generate html using compiled .aspx pages it would be the best, because we can edit and create web forms in Visual Studio (and also we can use all ASP.NET powerful controls like DataGrid) and then all we have to do is to produce html using generated ASP.NET page handlers.

Flow is as follows:
1. Retrieve data from database
2. Bind ASP.NET page to retrieved data
3. Render ASP.NET page to output html stream in order to retrieve necessary document

The principle of my solution is as follows: create pseudo-HTTPContext (Request, Response, Response stream) and pseudo-Browser -> omit all unnecessary HTTP Modules and directly assign this context to page handler -> launch lifecycle of the page -> retrieve rendered html.I've already created proof-of-concept (this proof-of-concept uses simple controls like button with JavaScript as well as complex controls like DataGrid). Everything works great.

I've looked through web and haven't found anything similar.

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